Hand Knotted Rugs designed from a series of Paley Monoprints. 
The project is in partnership with Reza Nejad Satari of the Oriental Rug Mart, in Victor, New York. 

This collection of rug designs is an outgrowth of my studio practice. The designs are based on images developed from a series of mono-prints.
Form development is the result of inter-related sensibilities, understandings and experiences. Invisible realities of image development are explored through the process of drawing. Form is a language made manifest through the tangible nature of materials and related processes.
These rug designs reflect that aspect of transformation. The print images are drawn on cardboard, cut out, inked, interlaced and overlapped on the press to develop the print. Line, color and the sense of depth of the overlapping images result in a richness and synergy of form.
This aspect of transformation was expanded through the implementation and application for the rug designs and the weaving process. Now, not just the vibrancy of color but also the richness of the wool with its tactile quality and subtlety enhances the imagery. The softness and nuance of natural dyes and the material character of the wool creates an all over unity in these designs.
~Albert Paley
Albert Paley - The Artist
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