Formed and fabricated weathering steel, stainless steel, bronze
A: 59' 6" h x 46' w x 21' d (SE)
B: 60'9" h x 26' 9" w x 22' d (SW)
C: 59'10" h x 47' 2" w x 20' 6" d (NW)
D: 46'4" h x 42' 4" w x 26' d (NE)
Iowa Interstate 80, S. 24th St. Bridge, Council Bluffs, Iowa

A monumental gateway commissioned by Iowa West Foundation, Odyssey is sited over Iowa Interstate 80 at the S. 24th St. Bridge in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Consisting of four massive mixed-metal sculptures, Paley’s Odyssey is a gateway for both the State of Iowa and the City of Council Bluffs. It creates a destination that can be seen from miles away. For drivers passing under the bridge, the sculptures tower up to 100 feet above the interstate, establishing a true sense of place.
Albert Paley - The Artist
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