The left hand sculpture, titled Raiden, was started by Paley and finished by James. Ambiguous Equation, the sculpture on the right, was started by James and finished by Paley. 

Jesse James, owner of West Coast Choppers, and host of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, wrote Albert Paley a letter in 2015. He had always been a fan of Paley, even as his own career, business and artistic talent emerged, James remembered Albert Paley as an inspiration. Their relationship resulted in a collaboration on two sculptures, challenging each artist to process, engage and create - together and apart. Each of them started one half of a sculpture in their home studio: Paley in Rochester, New York and James in Austin, Texas. Then, without communicating or interfering with each other's interpretation, they switched sculptures. Paley completed James' sculpture and James completed Paley's. The collaboration was filmed and broadcast on WXXI in a documentary entitled "Dialogue in Metal" and the finished pieces were auctioned for charity. 

"There are several themes that are interwoven with this project. Both Jesse and myself are technically experienced. Therefore, the discipline, skills and technology that is brought to bare will be evident in the documentary. The situation that is created with both of us working on sculptures shows the interaction of different points of view being manifested in the resulting sculptures. 
In this age of virtual reality what is being presented is a direct physical and tangible interaction with material and process. The skill and workmanship is thousands of years old, and here is brought to light in a contemporary context. The dialog and interchange presented will show a direct correlation in hand and eye coordination and physical skill by Jesse and myself."
-Albert Paley
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