Glass and Steel #6
Forged, formed, and fabricated steel, glass
41”h x 23”w x 25”d 

The body of glass and steel work reflects Albert Paley’s investigation and concerns with the integration of glass and metal. Although these diverse materials have their own distinct visual and technical characteristics, it is within the context of form development that the attraction and sympathetic alignment occurs.  In the best situation, this combination of opposites, rather than resulting in discord, has the ability to create a synergy that reflects a dynamism that cannot be achieved independently.
During residencies and working in the studios of various glass artists, Albert Paley has used traditional hot working glass processes such as such as blowing, forming, and casting. These processes have some commonality with the hot working of iron and steel which utilizes forging, punching, slitting and bending with hammer, anvil and torch.  Both media render form which becomes organic and submissive in nature through the common use of heat and pressure. 
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