Reconfiguration Archway
Mild steel, stainless steel with a monochromed finish
Two arches: 25.5'h x 30'w x 7'd 
Hometown Perry Iowa, Soumas Court

Archways at  both the front and back entrances to Soumas Court, a public space between two historic buildings in Perry, Iowa. A set of ceremonial arches created from found objects that represent the agricultural, manufacturing, and transportation history of Perry, Iowa.   


Poem for Reconfiguration

Ted Kooser



Bell, gong, and cymbal clang when struck

raising within them the old music of labor,

vast choirs of molecules praising

the artisans' hands on the burning ladle,

their backs bent sore at the ringing anvil,

forging chords with hammer and tong.

For all things beaten into shape, or cast,

or welded together, auger and plowshare,

bridge and rail, cling always to the music

that went into making them, the notes

that fell with every drop of sweat,

even the plunk of a lunch pail set down

among the curls of shavings on a bench,

and the clink of the wrench knocked off

to the oily floor.  Every cough and curse,

every laugh, good joke and bad, the snap

of the spark at the tip of the torch, the chirp

of the foreman's whistle, every sound

of life lies in the girders, rods and rails

that shelter us, that carry us across the years

working and singing, talking and laughing,

telling our stories, passing though. 

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