Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association Print
Polymer Silk Screen Print
Edition of 200

Albert Paley created this print alongside a group of RIT students. The print was made for the 2019 Gateway to Healing event to support the Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association.

The piece is a layered image that involves two separate processes. The first layer is an image created on a photopolymer plate using a photo of one of Albert’s sculptures. Photopolymer plates have a light-sensitive surface on either a plastic backing or metal backing. A photographic negative or positive, is placed over the plate surface and exposed to light. Where the light hits the plate, the plate is exposed and hardened. The plate is then developed by being washed out by water and thermally set. This then leaves a relief surface from which one can print a durable image. Photopolymer plates offer exceptional detail clarity as well as capturing light & midtone grays.
On top of the photopolymer image is the second level which is a screen-printed image. Screen printing is a printing technique whereby mesh is used to transfer ink onto a surface using a blade or squeegee. The squeegee is moved across the screen, flooding the open mesh apertures with ink, and then with a reverse stroke the screen then touches the surface. In that moment of contact this action causes the ink to be transferred to the surface of the printer’s choice. In this case, Albert created a line drawing that was a reaction to the atmosphere that was created by the photopolymer plate. Through the use of multiple processes, we were able to produce a multicolored image as our final product.
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