Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

Exhibition dates: May 2 – June 27, 2010

Albert Paley: In the 21st Century was the second exhibition of Paley’s work at the Memorial Art Gallery. The first presentation of Paley’s sculptures in the 21st century, the exhibition celebrated the interactions of organic and inorganic forms amongst all of his works. The selection included several models of Paley’s massive installations, allowing appreciation for the delicate details amongst the mix of curls and waves in each piece. This combination of drawings, models, and sculptures illustrated the careful process found across all of Paley’s projects.
In their book based on the exhibition, the Memorial Art Gallery highlights the development of Paley’s artistic path. While Paley did not begin as a sculptor, even his earliest jewelry held a sculptural weight. Within each work, three foundational elements stay true – the natural environment, the built environment, and the human presence. Through these features, all of Paley’s pieces echo each other, creating a constantly expanding body of work with a spirit of its own.

To see the book accompanying this exhibition, click here.
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