Plaza Sculpture
40’ in height
500 Ocean
Boynton Beach, Florida
Installed Fall 2017

“The sculpture will provide a dramatic silhouette when accented against the sky. The spire-like shapes projecting into the sky engage the quality and play of sunlight. These spires painted yellow would contrast dramatically with the blue of the sky. Thematically, the splayed vertical elements have their basis in my interpretation of palm fronds. The palm frond’s thin delicate floral elements that project into the sky and are so much a part of the landscape would here be introduced and experienced within a different context. Although the sculpture is not kinetic, the interlaced folded metal shapes indicate movement as if they are being articulated by the air from the sea. As the sun traverses, the play of light and shade will dramatically increase the sculptures dynamism. At various times the sculpture may be seen in silhouette or in aspects of shadow – changing constantly with the passage of time.” Albert Paley
Albert Paley - The Artist
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