Formed and fabricated stainless steel
12'h x 16' 6"w x 2' 6"d
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Transformation was commissioned as an entryway relief to the renovated historic Morrill Hall on the campus of Iowa State University. Morrill Hall houses one of two campus museums.

"Transformation, Paley's commissioned entrance for Iowa State University's historic Morrill Hall, is intended as a beacon of growth, guiding viewers towards a renewed place of learning on campus. At Morrill Hall's main portico, flanked on the north and south by a flight of steps, are the undulating, geometric steel planes of transformation. As the sun rises, the sculptures polished surface mirrors the sun's light and creates a symbol of the light of learning at this teaching institution - dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The organically alive, stainless steel matrix clearly reverberates against the red brick 19th century building.

Transformation reaches out from the core of the building like an orchestra of inspiration greeting students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. It is a signature sculpture rooted and Paley’s humanistic and naturalist idea, but it is also a tangible metaphor of the building's transformation from the historic campus structure to a contemporary art museum and learning center."  

M. Jessica Rowe, Guest Curator, University Museums at Iowa State University

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